Be You!
Love Spell

Every time I look at you my heart skips a beat

I wonder if you know that my heart is at your feet

I left it there for you to do whatever that you wish

You could take my heart and love me or just leave me in this bliss

What do you guys think of this? I wrote this myself so please tell me what you think?

Us Together

When I first looked at you
You brightened up my day
Made me feel so special
You’re so beautiful and perfect in each way
I would do anything
I’ll promise not to leave
As long as you don’t
Without your guide I would lose my mind and be confused

Our love is a wire of ropes together
Never ending love we have
I’ll always have you back
So we stay together
We both made our mistakes
And some we wish never made
So as long as were one
We will be happy together

I know I lwft you behind
And I’m sorry for that
But i want to honestly say
I used to be a player
But since you came I left that day
As long as you stay by my side
I’ll promise to trust you and keep you close
Since I want us to last long
Together till the sun drops


I thought I would never find love
I went across the world
And I finally found it
So now i can stop searching
Since I have you
We will be together
With harmony

(Chorus 2x) 

(Source: keepsmiling-dopeswagg)